Monday, April 16, 2012


Last week in recap: Not bad. Not super awesome and amazing, with me working through emotional baggage issues, but not bad.


Day 05: A random funny story:

Today, Dearest lectured me about speeding while I drive. I took his lecture to heart and wanted to prove that to him, so I made sure to drive at a nice, even pace on our way to a friend's house to drop off our car for repairs. Except, we were in different lanes moving at different paces and I kinda lost track of where he was, so he couldn't really see me going at a nice and reasonable pace. So when were were in the car together, It old him what he'd missed.

"Oh really?" he asked, "How long were you waiting for me when you got there?"

I was very confused. He was (seemingly) completely blowing off what a good job I'd done and asking some random question! I asked him what it had to do with anything and he just insisted that I answered. I was really upset. One or two minutes, I told him, guesstimating at what the short time I was sitting there waiting for him actually was.

Then I realized: He drives at a normal, reasonable pace. If I was driving at a normal reasonable pace, and he was driving at a normal reasonable pace, then we'd arrive at about the same time.

Then he said that it was an indication of my honesty with the situation. I felt really dumb, but it was funny.

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