Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite villian

Oh gosh, I don't know that I can pick a favorite. Probably these guys, the Silence. It really is hard to pick though, because I also love the Weeping Angels. And the Manticor in the house of fears. And that one spider lady who we only saw for a few minutes. And the water spirit. And so many others, so I think I'll bend the rules on this and not pick one, I'll just feature a few of them.

First up is The Silence. These guys are super neat, they look very similar to your traditional alien except that they wear suits. They are in humongous groups, sometimes 50 or more. The thing that makes these guys so neat is that you only remember them as long as you're looking at them. The second you look away, you forget they were even there. Which means that during that time you're looking at them, they can plant directives and missions in your subconscious and you'd be forced to follow them without knowing why.

Next, the Weeping Angels. These ones also respond to being looked at, but in a different way. When you look at them, they can't move. But if you so much as blink, they can attack you. They don't exactly kill you, they are a creature from another planet that feeds off of potential. And Earth, with all the potential-filled humans, is ripe hunting ground.

The Manticor was another of my favorites. He fed off of faith, whether it was religion level, superstition level, or even just extreme trust in a good friend. I forget why he was put into place, but The Doctor (Eleven) figured out that he didn't want to be there anymore, that he wanted to die and just couldn't. I think the house was originally designed to punish the worst criminals, with a room that contained every person's greatest fear. Once they had faced their greatest fear, their faith started switching. Instead of having faith in luck, or Allah, or even The Doctor, they began to have an almost fanatical faith in the manticor, one that didn't make any sense. His episode broke my heart a little, because in order to save her live The Doctor had to ruin Amy's faith in him. But it was a really good episode anyway.

Of course, we can't forget The Flesh either. They're a substance that can take on the form and personality of anything it touches. They're not real people, but they can sure act like it.

With so many villians, it's pretty much impossible to pick a favorite, I think.

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