Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Adventure

Question: "Tell about an adventure you've had."

I don't really consider myself to have had many adventures. Or really, any at all. The closest I usually come to adventure is our quarterly roadtrips or a really good novel.

The only thing in my life that I think could be considered an adventure is my journey after leaving my parents' house.

It started in May the year I turned 18. I had about 30 of those "I can't frikkin stand living here anymore" days in a row and decided to leave. I called Z - one of my long-time online best friends and at the time my boyfriend as well (gals, online boyfriends is kindof a bad idea) - and had him drive down from MI to pick me up. I lived with him for a while, which would have been OK if it wasn't him and his dad and his over-controlling sister and her kid, and her boyfriend. Things went south fast, since we were better as friends than we were as lovers - and probably should have just stayed friends - and I moved back home a little less than two months later. I had another two weeks of "I can't frikkin stand living here anymore" and decided to take off with another online boyfriend ... one I'd only known for two weeks. He sent me a bus ticket and I was on a 3-day journey from IN to WA.

Let me point out that this was also an extremely dumb decision. I'm rather prone to those, as you'll see in this story.

It was an awful 3 days. I spent most of it sleeping, since that's the best way to avoid creeps and hunger pains. At the end of the trip I all but fell out of the bus, gathered my things, and followed this guy who was still mostly a stranger through Seattle - on the verge of passing out the whole time. I'm pretty sure that the only thing that kept me from hitting the cement was my desire not to look like an idiotic child in front of him and all of Seattle.

We finally made it to my new home and after a quick shower and dinner I jumped way too deep and way too fast into a relationship I really didn't understand. He's the one I usually refer to as "my ex." I really had no idea what I was getting myself into but I convinced myself to love him with everything I had and I did my best to be what he was expecting. As you know, it all turned out rather horribly.

Then I met Dearest, made another idiotic decision (our relationship started out as an affair, which I regret) and jumped way too deep and way too fast into another relationship I didn't fully understand. Fortunately, this time it worked out. The past two years have been a crazy adventure, we've gone through hell and high water, but we're a wonderful example of how God can take a series of truly idiotic decisions and turn them into something worthwhile. In a few weeks we'll be celebrating our one year anniversary and honestly, if I had to go back and do it all again I probably wouldn't change a thing for fear that I'd change the end result.

So there it is, my single and greatest adventure thus far.

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  1. I have re-considered my chices many times in the past and come to the same conclusion...I would do it all over again if only to have what I have now...~love you