Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jumbling a bunch of these together:

Favorite Actor:

This is really hard. It's difficult to choose between all my favorite characters and say "that one's my favorite actor." But if I had to do it, I'd say David Tennant. He really brought a lot of personality and character to the Doctor that his predecessor didn't. He made the Doctor less military and distant, and more friendly and accessible. He brought himself into the role, and really convinced me that he actually could be the real Doctor.

Plus, that hair and boyish face just can't be overlooked.

Least favorite actor:

The guy who played Mickey. Mostly because I didn't like his character. At all.

Favorite Actress:

Karen Gillan, for many of the same reasons as Tennant.

Least favorite actress:

The chick who played Martha. For the same reason as Mickey.

Favorite Writer: No idea.

Favorite couple: Amy and Rory. No matter what happens, they're together. They always find a way to come together, to let their love and commitment to each other override every obstacle that would stand in their way.

Favorite friendship:

Either the Doctor and River or the Doctor and Amy.

Favorite Spin-off: Don't have one.

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