Friday, February 22, 2013

Writing prompt 5

She woke shivering, in the dark of night. Her bleary eyes focused and unfocused and focused on the digital clock. 1:45am. Shoot. Too early to be awake for the day. So why was she? And why was she so cold?

She reached to pull the blanket over her shoulder only to come up with nothing. Where were the covers?

She sat up, glanced around...and saw her husband. Her darling husband of just three days, wrapped in the blankets like a mummy. She poked at the bundle, shook it a little...Nothing.

"Hey honey?"



Nothing again. She tried reaching into the pile and stroking the beautiful brown hair. Stroke. Stroke. "Honey?"

A grunt! That was progress! She tried shaking again, this time a little harder. "Baby, can I have some covers?"

"Unh. Mine."


Adorable? Was that adorable? They *were* on their honeymoon...She'd go with adorable. It was too early for annoying anyway.




"Babe, really, I need blankets. It's...kindof freaking cold."

The mummy roll got tighter. Really? She glanced at the clock and groaned. 2am. She should be asleep. and warm. At this rate she'd never get any blankets.

"OK, Francie," she sighed, "time to get a little more determined."

She reached over and tapped on his head. Tap. Tap


For a moment, she didn't feel anything. He'd actually punched her? He'd...actually...punched her. In his sleep. "That's it, jerkface! Give me blankets. Now!" She yanked and tugged and punched until she had enough blankets to barely cover herself. She was finally starting to fall asleep when she felt him cuddling in.

Cuddle. Cuddle. Push. Shove. Readjust. Cuddle. she was on the edge of the bed. The very edge. Drat. She opened one eye to look at the clock again. 2:45. Great. At this rate, they'd - well, she'd - never get any sleep.

Options. What are my options?

Shove. Shove. Nothing.

Maybe...kick in the shins? She tried a light one and he moved a little. Maybe that could work. She grimaced and then kicked him hard. He groaned, shifted, rolled...

And was back to being a mummy.

3am. For crying out loud.

"That's enough. Enough." She grabbed her pillow and headed to the other room of their suite. She'd sleep on the couch, under his coat if she had to. They had a lifetime, after all. They could work out the blankets thing later.