Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Post

It's really hard to believe that it's already April. It's also really hard to believe that Easter is just a week away. This month is going to be a busy one for us. In addition to our regular schedule, we also have Spring Leadership - a business conference in Spokane - as well as a knitting bee that I'm going to, our pastor's daughter's wedding, and a business seminar at church!

I'm looking forward to the busy month.

Last week was a good week for us. The work that we billed out for will make paying bills this month much easier than it was last month. The birthday party was pretty fun - I spent most of it playing pool (badly) with Jared's cousins. Overall, it's been a good week. I'm really looking forward to this coming week and what it will bring for us. Hopefully some warmer weather!

Writing topic: The worst injury you got, and how you got it.

I was a pretty fortunate kid and didn't really get *injured* very often. Sure, I got bruised and bumped and had my fair share (probably more than) of emergency room visits. But I don't know if I was actually injured very much at all.

Two do come to mind, though. In the summer before Junior year, I went to some remote farming town in Michigan (I think) with our youth group for a camping thing. We were with another church, and it was a lot of fun. We took a hay ride at one point, and the kid I'd been flirting with all weekend decided to fake like he was going to bite me. I flinched a little too far and fell right off the truck, giving myself a badly sprained ankle in the process. It swelled up pretty bad and when we got back home my parents took me in to have it looked at. They put me in an air cast and on crutches and that pretty much ruined the rest of my summer and part of the beginning of school. To this day, that foot doesn't lay right. I'm pretty convinced I actually broke a few bones in the foot or ankle and they healed at a funny angle because it wasn't properly casted. But, I lived through it.

The second one is a little more embarassing. I was putting my coat on while I was walking down the stairs at school on a day it had snowed, and I ended up sliding down the stairs on my knees. It wasn't so bad the first time, but when I did it again just a day or two later, it was awful. I almost passed out when I tried to stand up and had to get a friend to give me a ride home. Once I was there, I felt like I couldn't move and I was afraid I'd pass out if I tried to get off the couch. I ended up riding to the hospital in an ambulance, and sitting in the waiting room forever so they could tell me I had some severe bruising on my knees and shins, and that I should probably use crutches for a while until they healed.

So there you go, my two worst injuries - as far as I can remember. Both of which were caused by me just being clumsy.

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