Friday, May 18, 2012

With so Much to be Grateful for...

Today, I have been a little overwhelmed by all the things I have to be grateful for, so I thought I'd share. Here's a few of them, in no particular order:

  • People who care about me and support me - especially those who I haven't spoken with in a long time. You guys know who you are, because today you showed up on my fb wall when I said that I was sad about something. I totally wasn't even expecting that! For me it was a sadness that hit me hard (because I've been excluded in my life a lot) but was still only there long enough for me to post the status about it (for the same reason). And you guys...well, I'm a little bit humbled by how awesome it made me feel that you decided to say what you could to make me not be sad anymore. I really, really appreciate that, and I really appreciate you guys. Thanks :)

  • My wonderful, way smarter than me, patient husband. As frustrating as it may be at the time, he gets me and knows when it's time to just ignore everything I say and do for a little while because I'm being a little bit ridiculous. He knows me well, he knows how to get what he wants from me (not a bad quality, considering that he usually just wants me to behave just a little more logically) and even after I have a conniption fit over something stupid he still loves me. He may not always understand me - and this is usually because I am female and all spaghetti brained and whatnot - but he does almost always try. He's so good to me, and I probably don't deserve him, but he's mine now and I'm not giving him back! (lol)

  • Along with my husband being awesome and so dang loveable, he's got the best aspect of the gay best friend every girl wants: He instinctively knows what is going to make me look and feel really good. He's helped me pick out all the clothes I've bought since the first day I moved in with him and he's ALWAYS been right! Not only right, but super super considerate as well. For example, when we bought my wedding dress last year, he thought of the fact that my arms may break out (I have eczema or something, not sure exactly what it is but it's ugly) - so he found me a shawl to wear over my arms. How freaking considerate is that? I can also use the shawl as a scarf (as I did in this picture from later in the evening during our wedding) and I do so whenever possible. It reminds me of how much I'm loved, and how awesome he is.  Additionally, he recently bought me an over-jacket thing for my normal outfits and when I was discussing with him what to wear to our anniversary this year he pointed out that said jacket would go perfectly with my dress from our wedding. He was right. As always.

  • That last one brings me to this next one. I am so very grateful for the way that we did our wedding. We worked within our means, did a small wedding in our living room, bought a dress that wasn't super duper expensive, used plain bands that we already owned, and had pizza and ice cream cake. Benefits of this: 
    • We didn't go into debt from our wedding, which means that when hard times hit we didn't argue over "If you hadn't spent $75000 on your dress!" type of things
    • I get to wear my wedding dress over and over again, and every time I wear it I feel super special and blessed. 
    • When we hit hard times, I didn't have to feel guilty about having a $1500 ring on my finger and no food in the cabinet
    • Pizza and ice cream cake is an awesome tradition!
What are you grateful for today?

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