Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Monday!

To start off with, allow me to direct your attention to the blog of an author friend of mine, Michelle Davidson Argyle. I do this for a few reasons: I always enjoy a good giveaway, I want a copy of that book, I really enjoyed reading the book and think you should enjoy it also, and (last but by no means least) Michelle has worked really hard to produce this amazing book and deserves all the help promoting it that she can get.

Now then, as I mentioned - and you probably already know - it's Monday. What does that mean?

Well, it means that I work today; which in turn means that I want to drink the whole pot of coffee because I'm tired and could use the pep, and also that I will not do this because there isn't a bathroom at work that's easy to get to (it's in my boss' house). Granted, the house is on the other side of the driveway, but with people coming in and things to be done, it's just not all that comfortable for me to try to hold a whole pot of coffee in my bladder for an undetermined amount of time. Yes, I have tried.

So I will start my day with my oatmeal and my cup of coffee. I will probably grab something small to tide me over until lunch - I always end up hungry two hours after I eat and on work days that's a problem. I will sit at the desk at work and drink as little as possible until the last hour. I will hope that it is busy so that I am not bored, but since it is Monday it probably won't be.

Then it's home, and then to the store for a few things (as much as I love subway, making sandwiches at home is way cheaper and I feel bad asking Dearest for lunch money twice a week). Then home to make and eat dinner, and to clean something so I can know I made some progress toward my goal of having the entire house cleaned by Friday.

This is a very big goal, especially when you consider that in "the entire house" I'm including the hot tub room, which has not been cleaned since we finished moving in. There are still unpacked boxes in there. On the bright side, maybe I'll find something I've been looking for!

Then it's on with my week: 6am connecting meeting in Federal Way, 10am new client meeting in Tacoma, 3pm new client meeting out on Bainbridge Island, and then a consultation or two. - all on Tuesday. Wednesday is multiple system setups for two companies we support in Puyallup - so we'll be out doing our thing from 8Am to about 4 or 5 pm. Not sure what's going on Thursday, so I'll probably do a lot of cleaning then. Friday is our anniversary (squee!) and then Saturday is work again.

I am, as I find myself doing every time I have a job, looking forward to payday. I have all but $50 of my several hundred dollars allocated to other things - phone bill, for example. This time I will also get a gym membership, though, and probably a subscription to one of the bridal magazines I so frequently covet.

So that's my Monday...and Tuesday through Friday. I'll talk more about my top-secret anniversary plans after the fact, since they're top-secret.

So here's to hoping you all have a good Monday, and a good week to follow.

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