Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Christian and the Homosexual

Just saw someone rant about how Christianity sucks because of the unaccepting and hateful behavior many Christians exhibit toward homosexuals. I'd like to clarify, just in case that person can see my page, and for anyone else who agrees with that person. Christianity is not hateful or unaccepting.  Christianity is loving. Religious self-righteousness is often hateful and unaccepting, but there is definitely a difference. Christianity is the practice of endeavoring to be like Christ. Christ loved everyone, even the people who live in sin. Homosexuality is a sin, according to the Bible and the teachings of Christ. However, Christ - and those who endeavor to be like him - would never be hateful or unaccepting of a person because of the choices they've made.

We, the Christians, don't hate you. We are disappointed by your actions, but we understand that all have sinned and fallen short - meaning everyone, even and perhaps especially us. Understanding this, our disappointment does not affect our ability to love you as people, as beloved creations of God. Just like siblings can't ever really hate each other - no matter how far off the right path one of them may go - we Christians can't really hate you. It's not in our DNA to hate. It's not in our wiring, in our belief system. Our moral compass steers us the other way. And though we may sometimes struggle with this - for all have sinned - we struggle because we choose to endeavor to be like Christ.

Jesus told us very plainly that our mission is to love others.

So though you, my friend, may have run into more than a few self-proclaimed Christians who were hateful and unaccepting of you because they did not agree with your lifestyle; please understand that this does not mean Christianity is this way. Please do not allow your opinion of us to be jaded by those who are still learning what Jesus meant when he said "love your neighbor." We, the Christians, love you. Our hearts are broken by your actions, but we love you anyway. Just as Jesus does.

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  1. well said honey. I would like to actually "guest post" this to my blog if you do not mind.