Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our situation at present

As you may already know, since Dearest lost his job we have been relying on unemployment to help us make ends meet and it has been just barely keeping us alive while we spiral farther and farther into debt. While our company has been successful in the last week or two, we are not nearly successful enough to manage without unemployment yet.

Today we received a letter from the unemployment office stating that - though they previously ruled in our favor in the dispute about whether we qualify for benefits - they have just determined that we did indeed not qualify and must pay back the full two thousand some odd dollars they have given us thus far.


The long and short of it is that the owner of the previous company disputed our claim, stating that Dearest quit instead of that he was fired. He was, in fact, fired. After much back-and-forth and a few 22-page faxes from us to them, the unemployment office has decided that "If you don't come in today you may not have a job to come back to" followed a few hours later by "You have a one-week leave of absence, unpaid, of course." and five days later with "The new owner decided you are too quirky to work with and as of the first day you took off, you have been fired" all constitutes Dearest quitting.

I will, in a different post, show you exactly what type of person this previous owner is. However, this post is just to ask for prayer. Unfortunately, we are not in a place where we can make ends meet - by any definition of the word - without the small but crucial supplement that unemployment benefits provide. We are contacting a group of lawyers who act as advocates for victims of unemployment and unfair employers who manipulate the system to leave former employees without even the most basic assistance.

We need prayer. Pray for strength, patience, and lucidity so that I don't do something rash like storming into the former office to yell at the former employer myself. Pray for wisdom and favor in the courts. Pray for a swift ruling in our favor. And pray for exponential growth and explosive success in our company so that we no longer have to deal with this nightmare.

Thanks to all of you, and I'll be sure to keep you updated.


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  1. We will be praying until the change comes honey. Love you