Monday, March 19, 2012

The best days...

As you've probably noticed, my weekly blogs have been getting a little sparse and boring. So, in addition to whatever news I decide to blog about, I'm also going to (If I remember) do one of those writing challenge thingys.

This week was, agian, uneventful. We're waiting for a court date on the unemployment issue, work is boring, business is good, and in general we're doing alright.

St Pats day was really the highlight of my week. It was one of our neighbors' 54th anniversary, and they invited half the neighborhood over for "Mulligan Stew" - and insisted that we show up. It was a great party, with lots of good food and good conversation and laughing.

Mulligan Stew, by the way, isn't a set stew recipe. It's whatever an Irish woman decides to put in a pot. This time, it was a typical Irish stew (meat, potatoes, carrots, celery) with a broth that seemed to have grapefruit as a primary ingredient. It was, despite how it sounds, absolutely delicious.

There were also pineapple teriyaki meatballs, cake, strawberry pie, shrimp, "doubled" eggs, and a lot of other bits of deliciousness. But mostly, I enjoyed hearing the conversations of people who have lived on the hill for 30+ years and whose parents lived on the hill before them.

With that said, on to the blogging challenge part:

Day one: Tell me about the best day of your life.

This, surprisingly, is a tough one. I think I've had several "best days" so far, and I have several more in my future. None of the "best days" seem to coincide with events the way you'd think they would. For example, my wedding day was a very good and very important day, but it wasn't one of my best days. At the end of the night I went to sleep with a twinge of disappointment. It was entirely my fault, for having picked the wrong people to share that day with, but that kept it from being a best day.

My best days are random. It may be an unimportant Tuesday, some random Saturday, or any other day with no real significance to it. The best day of my life is a day I get to spend with Dearest, out and about, being productive and being together, and then coming home and curling up on the couch to watch TV - usually something in the sci-fi genre. It's a day when we laugh together and talk a lot and get to just be close. I think most recently that day was Friday of last week.

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