Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 6

Week 6 has come and gone and was significantly better than the other weeks have been. We got our business up and going this week, and I've gotten a lot of special treatment. Dearest really is working hard to make sure that I know I'm loved and  I probably don't deserve all of it but I soak it up anyway.

In week 6 I finished Les Giblin's book, How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People. It's a really good read and one I'd recommend to anyone and everyone. Les Giblin focuses not on a gimmick or an 'ought to,' but instead on how people really are. He talks about how the best way to get what you want from someone is to give them what they want in exchange, and how what people want more than anything is to feel important. Help someone feel more confident, more important and worthwhile, and you'll have an instant friend who is likely to grant you any favor you ask. He emphasizes that flattery isn't what he's talking about. Rather, a sincere heartfelt compliment about something that isn't obvious (for example, don't compliment a well-known expert welder on his welding).

Aside from that, it's been a busy week full of things that in retrospect don't seem all that important. Yesterday, in just one afternoon of talking to potential clients for our new IT business, we earned $500 and have several follow-up appointments set throughout the week. We're excited, and good things are happening.

Also, I got the ice cream I was griping about not getting. And he promised not to watch techie movies with me anymore.

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