Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5

Here we are, at the beginning of week 6. Huzzah, we made it!

Week 5 has been a whole lot of waiting. We waited for unemployment to be approved and then for the check to be in our mailbox. We wait for things to happen or not, phone calls to come or not, an idea to strike...or not.

Fortunately, it's also been a fairly good week. Once we got the check we finally did some grocery shopping - mostly because I'm unexpectedly embarrassed to go into a food bank and we figured out that if we were careful we could afford it. This led to a cooking venture - which seems to happen every time I lose my husband in the grocery store. This time he came back to me with the ingredients for chili.

The package didn't say we needed canned kidney beans, so he grabbed a bag of dry beans. I thought it was a little odd that you could possibly put dry kidney beans into chili and have edible chili five minutes later. But, who am I to question the package, right? An hour later, when the beans still weren't chewable, I called everyone who might know anything about chili in my contact list. Thank God for moms because mine was the only one who answered the phone (lol). A little more than three hours after that we had an appropriately textured and very, very, very spicy chili. I didn't even think to not dump the entire packet of cayenne pepper into the pot.

The good news, though, is that my husband has been thoroughly enjoying that chili for several days. It's turned out to be a very economical choice and will probably become a staple of our diet until things are off the ground again.

As unfortunate as this whole process has been - what with him losing his job, and now his former employer screwing with his unemployment qualification - and all the uncertainty that has come with it; good things have also come. My faith and relationship with God is strengthening, I'm starting to get more out of my bible and the sermons than I used to. We're meeting loads of new people and finding out that though his boss and "best friend" of 14 years is a pile of dog turds with no sense of loyalty or integrity, Dearest does have many other people who firmly believe in him and want to support him in whatever choice he makes next. We're starting a company in  the IT field that I don't fully understand yet - which is a good sign. And we're getting more involved in our community.

So, despite the troubles that have drained my brain power and made it almost impossible for me to even blog well for the time being, good is happening.

Here's to week 6

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