Friday, December 16, 2011

Product of the Week

Welcome to product of the week, my weekly segment where I pick a product I'm absolutely nuts over and pitch it to you! If you're interested in obtaining any of the products I feature, let me know and I'll gladly direct you to the proper buying source.


This week's Product of the Week is actually not just one product, but a line of them. Not only are these amazing products in neat-looking and easy to wrap packaging for great and convenient gift giving (Symmetrical boxes are always the easiest, and the most fun to try to guess), but I don't think I could get through the home-stretch week before Christmas (or any week, for that matter) without them.

That's right, I'm talking about the amazing products from XS Energy!
XS does tend to market to those in the extremely high-activity category; skateboarders, rock climbers, etc. But don't let that fool you! The fact is that XS energy is great even for housewives or teens. Whether it's cramming for an exam, 42 batches of Christmas cookies, or just another day of work, XS energy is one of the best (and healthiest) ways to get the pep you need without the skyrocket effect or the burnout and crash. Most of the energy in XS is from vitamin B12, which does some amazing things for your health! B12 is a major player in skin health (and that includes hair and nails). It's also known as the "stress vitamin" because it's burned off by the stressing factors (like loud kids, a full schedule, and florescent lights) that would normally burn off your energy. B12 unlocks the energy in your food, which makes the caffeine in this drink (about as much as a cup of coffee) even more potent. And with 15 canned flavors, no carbs, and no sugar, this is definitely the energy drink-lover's ideal pick.

XS doesn't just come in cans though. They also have three of their flavors in 1-liter mixer bottles (distributed in cases of 4 with a 1-oz pour spout) so you can make XS part of any drink this season, or throughout the year!

At the moment, these mixers are my personal favorite. I love adding the classic to any of my drinks, or the lemon to my lemon tea. They're also great add-ins for punch bowls! Lemonade with a benefit, anyone?

Looking for the energy in a convenient packaging without the carbonation? XS  Shots are your answer! These little babies pack all the energy of a regular can of XS in a tiny, one-gulp package that can fit in a pocket or clutch.

Or maybe you're not an energy drink person and you still want the great energy AND health benefits of XS? No problem! XS gum (currently only available in the amazingly refreshing wintermint flavor) was introduced just this past November! 

So whatever you need your energy for, and whatever form you want it in, XS is the way to go. 

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