Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the 10th day of Christmas, the universe gave to me...

Another update on us, plus my random thoughts, in no particular order.

  • It's so hard to believe that Christmas is ten days away. It's totally snuck up on me this year! Most likely, this is due to the fact that there are just SO many things to take care of right now that my brain hasn't been all warm and fuzzy and Christmasy despite the almost constant playing of Christmas music (thanks to Pandora I can thumb between the Bing Crosby holiday channel, the country christmas channel, and the swingin' christmas channel!) 

  • I have a new follower! This is odd for me, and makes me feel like I should suddenly develop a quarterly itinerary or something, but I will resist the urge and just say "welcome!" 

  • I've discovered an amazing and yet potentially dangerous (to my wasteline) stress reliever: Baking!  I absolutely love to bake. Cookies, breads, I can just totally get lost in it and something yummy comes out! Hopefully this year I'll commit my sugar cookie recipe to memory and learn a new bread recipe, giving me one cookie and one bread that I can make without a piece of paper as a guide. Then I want to add at least 3 new recipes in the cookie and bread categories and a pie recipe to my mental cook book. I haven't yet run this by Dearest, who has recently been hinting concern about the affect so many batches of cookies may have on my health.

  • The "homemade organic" phase starts tomorrow, since I'm going grocery shopping tonight. Tonight's dinner is Laura's version of bar nachos (since I've never been to a bar I can only hope I'm getting them right) and then tomorrow while Dearest is at work I'll probably go on a baking spree and make a TON (not literally, I hope) of bread - that I will then have to transport to the Renton house...oh well.

  • The house was supposed to be auctioned last week and wasn't, we got a letter from the bank saying that the auction was postponed until early January. So we'll be living between the Renton house and this house for a while, not sure what that depends on but Dearest has some sort of plan up there in his noggin and I'll just trust him to get it right. In the meantime, I'm trying to pack the things I like the most into boxes and bins to move to the other house just in case the bank decides to claim the house before the auction and doesn't give us time to move anything else. Fortunately, with one full set of dishes and silverware and many many other partial sets of dishes and silverware (the exwife was a terrible hoarder) it wasn't hard figuring out what to pack. The hard part is just finding boxes. lol

  • We (Dearest and I, Dearest's mom and siblings, and the wife of the only other married sibling) went for family photos yesterday because my sister in law had a groupon. It was a lot of fun, but I tend to think my tooth structure makes my smile look a bit trollish and I happened to be having a ton of fun yesterday and forgot to keep my teeth-showing to a minimum. /le sigh/ We're getting a family pose, a boys with mom pose, and then one of each of the couples and one of the youngest brother alone (because he's a bit consumed with work right now and has no significant other. At least he's working, it's an improvement.) And brother in law is letting us pick our own poses and vote on the family poses, with mom's vote counting as two because they're for her anyway (yes, Momma, you'll be getting at least one of the prints too). 
  • Because of my dissatisfaction with my smile in the family photos, I came home and used my cellphone to take other pictures, which I like better. Because I'm just like that.

  • I'm really proud of the youngest brother in law. As I mentioned, he's working now which is an improvement over before. He's made a LOT of strides in the past year, and it's really great to see. We haven't actually *seen* him since before our wedding until yesterday, so that was really nice.
< found that when I googled 'reunion' and thought I'd share

  • I mentioned last time that I quit the perfume job, it looks like I may have a few options. I do have one guy who is really interested in mentoring me to take his an insurance salesperson. But aside from that, my church is hiring and I volunteer with the accounting department so hopefully I'll be able to get a job of some sort with them - even janitorial work with the group of people who work at my church would be better than most jobs I can think of. It's about the association. 

  • Our Prius, which I accidentally hurt very badly when I ran over something - I think it was a dead dog, Dearest says it was probably a semi-truck's bumper - is almost better now. Our mentor has a mechanic connection (or rather, a slew of them) and is getting us a really good deal on the repairs so we don't have to claim it on the insurance. Our mentor (I may sometimes refer to him as The Egyptian, because I think it's funny) explained to us that a small claim added to the exwife totalling the spectra two years ago would make it likely for the insurance to drop us if we ever have a big claim - determining that we're accident prone. Which I am, but not in a car. I'm careful....I only drive at speeds where I'm sure I still have almost complete control over the car...

  • I put lemon XS mixer in my tea (I LOVE the XS mixers!!) so I'm hyper now and doing probably five or six things at once in my head; writing this, making up my grocery list, playing Angry Birds (which I am now so addicted to that I actually play it in my imagination), and singing Christmas a couple of other things. 
(email me or comment below if you want to get your hands on these bottles of tasty excellence)

  • I know what mom in law is getting me for Christmas, because she ordered it through me, and I'm excited. But I'm supposed to act surprised when I get it so I can't post info about it yet. After Christmas though.

  • We're building new Christmas traditions and I'm not sure how it's all going to work out. We have Dearest's dad's side of the family to visit with in the morning, and Dearest's mom's side of the family to visit with in the evening, and maybe Dearest's best friend and his mother sometime on Christmas too. I'm excited but not sure how his timing is going to work out....I'll just trust him on it. Dearest's mom is a sweetheart and keeps apologizing for making it so difficult for us on holidays, which is silly since it just makes my life more exciting. I get more family, more food, and more fun! Plus, we're going out with dad in law for dinner tomorrow night for Christmas, with brother and sister in law. Dad does this funny thing every time he wants to go out to dinner, where he gives us a gift certificate to a local steakhouse and says "I'll let you kids work out the schedule." 

  • I'm going to start a new weekly segment, on a whim, which means it may last. More about that later.

So there it is, our update, ten days before Christmas. I may or may not get back to write again before Christmas so just in case I don't; may all of you have a very, very happy Christmas.

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