Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 6th day of Christmas

Another us update. :) As always, in no particular order.

  • The bread thing on Friday didn't turn well, it took 4 batches to finally get it right and then I cooked cinnamon rolls on a flat pan and butter dripped off the pan and made the whole oven (and house) smoky. It ruined the cinnamon rolls. Then I decided to hit the self-clean button, without thinking that it just burns hotter when you do that. Yesterday I actually scrubbed the oven instead and so it's fine now. I made some more cinnamon rolls, and now I'm trying to make a bread braid. 
  • We haven't given over Rose yet and we're still in the house. But we're going to try to arrange it so the other couple gets them today. Then we can start moving in tomorrow. Also, I get my Prius back today!
  • With just 6 days until Christmas, I still don't have a gift for the grandmas. Grandma McQuade won't mind, but Grandma Kirwan is getting me something so I feel like I really should get her something, I just don't know what. Hopefully, I can get ideas from Mom soon. 
  • We tried a new ice cream place this weekend, on our impromptu date night. They make it right there, from milk and flavoring, and they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it at the consistency that you want. There's WAY too many combinations and a "small" is huge. I love it. The taste is definitely WAY rich, so a small was even too much. Next time, I'm going for the kiddie size.
So that's us, for now. More to come as it happens.

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  1. gift ideas for about one of those simple beaded (or a set of them) icicles. They are just hardware store brass wire and some pretty acrylic beads, but they are very nice and look lovely on a tree. OR you could pick one verigated color of yarn that matches her kitchen and make her a set of trivet/potholder type things. they are pretty and very nice for hot mugs and bowls to keep them from damaging a table. Another really good idea is your brownies! I would love to get a batch of those for Christmas :) (Jo has become quite a baker though, I'm warning you, there's But if you make a batch of the thick ones (use a box, there's nothing wrong with it) cut them into like 1" squares and then toss them gently in powdered sugar. Put them in a tissue paper lined, air tight, plastic container, like the disposable ones from walmart...a very sweet gift with a little printed peom about how Grandmothers make life a little sweeter :) Hope that helps. If not let me know. I would be happy to brainstorm with you a bit more.