Friday, December 16, 2011

On the 9th day of Christmas...

Today is baking day!!
Dearest had a bit of shock when he realized the cost of baking one's own bread, which was compounded by the fact that I have a gallon of milk I simply must use today. We're going to have A LOT of bread, but I'm sure I can freeze some of it and give some of it away and whatnot. No biggie. Mostly I'm just super happy to be baking. It makes me feel like a real wife. That probably sounds terribly sexist, but...whatever. I really feel that my peace of mind is going to be at its best when I'm doing wifey things like managing to actually keep the house clean and baking bread and ironing shirts. It does require getting myself unaddicted to the facebook games that I got myself addicted to when we were at a particularly inactive part of Dearest's recovery. But I don't see that being too hard. As much as the capitalist in me enjoys seeing the virtual money pile up on my game, there always comes a point when I realize that I'm wasting time when I could be cleaning, baking, actually earning real money, etc.

Tonight we're having dinner with Dearest's dad, brother, and sister in law. We're going to Black Angus (I think I mentioned Dad's gift card habit) and I'm actually looking forward to it. I know Dearest is too, every day this week he's asked me what day it is and then dejectedly said "I was hoping I was getting steak tomorrow." I made him nachos yesterday, which he seemed to enjoy even though I probably made double what we should have eaten. I'm still not used to cooking for two people. It's weird, that after two years of being away from home I still cook portions for 4-6, like I have no idea how to feed less than that number of people.

From the sounds of it we'll be giving away the puppy sometime tomorrow or Sunday. Dearest is pretty heartbroken about it, because she's been his dog for six or seven years (I think it's actually more like 3 or 4 but he says six or seven). She's a real Daddy's girl and she's been his unofficial therapy dog for a while, but we just don't have time to give her the type of attention that she needs. She's a little higher maintenance than most dogs as far as needs for cuddle and playtime because she's a beagle. But the couple we're giving her to has a beagle and doxy and a kid somewhere between 7 and 11 already. When they came over to meet Rose everyone got along really well and they seemed to do pretty good with her. Their kid is also really respectful without seeming like it's out of fear or a "you'd better be on your best behavior" talk in the car. They seem like really good people, and I know that eases Dearest's mind a bit.

Tomorrow is another day of packing and probably getting things moved into the new house. We'll probably be living there almost full-time once we don't have Rose anymore. We do still have to leave some things at the house because if we don't make it look inhabited then the bank can take over any time and there's some sticky legal details if that happens. So we'll be bouncing between the two houses sometimes, making sure that we don't officially leave this one until we get the notice to evict.

All in all, I'm really happy about the move. I mean, sure, our credit is wrecked now. But that's okay because it's easier to stay out of debt if you're operating on a cash basis anyway. Mostly, I'm happy because it's a fresh start. Aside from the fact that this house is falling apart and thus is terribly depressing to live in, moving is a new start. We'll be closer to some members of the family who are really fun, we'll have new neighbors, and the whole thing is just chock full of new opportunity. We'll most likely be in the house before Christmas, which really excites me. Plus, it's an excuse for me to host a party.

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