Thursday, November 17, 2011

Work (blip on the radar)

For various reasons, none of which are terribly important, I'm looking for a job. Finding a job has never been incredibly difficult for me. Mom got me my first job and the second one I got because of the work ethic my dad taught me. But now that I'm trying to get a job somewhere other than fast food, I'm finding it a bit more difficult.

For one thing, no office receptionist is going to appreciate someone walking in and saying "hello, is this company hiring a receptionist?"

For another, Jack in the Box isn't exactly office experience.

Third, when the resume is the foot in the door to the interview, that resume has to be pretty bomb.

I'm finding a little bit of difficulty here. Thanks to my charisma and amazing people skills, coupled with the things my dad taught me about presentation and work ethic, I'm certain that once I have an interview, the job may as well be mine. But my resume writing skills have never been special.

So I've gotten some help from a friend for resume writing, and I'm sending my resume out via email to the people who advertise for a receptionist on Craigslist. And we'll see what happens

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