Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dipping into the past *about me?*

Just so you can get to know me.

In no particular order, with no particular structure.

  • I've used many different aliases, most of them (as an old highschool galfriend pointed out) mark specific "chapters" of my life.
  • I'm opinionated. But I'll try to be nice.
  • I'm the oldest of six
  • I ran away from Indiana because I knew there was something else out there for me...and I was right.
  • I was married on my parent's anniversary. For no special reason other than my wonderful husband saying the date stuck out to him.
  • I wasn't a very nice person growing up. Like, ever. It took a couple of relationships that started foolishly and ended poorly (to say the least) and the ways that those broke me for me to finally start becoming a decent person. If you knew me before, you should meet me again one of these days.
  • I'm not particularly eloquent. But I'm personable.
  • I own an Amway-based business and I love it.
  • I have, suddenly, run out of things to say in neat little bulletpoints.
So, I'm Laura. I'm 20 at this particular point in time. I have about 3 years of (sortof) real-world experience. But I'm smart, and I can learn anything, and I love that about myself. 

My journey, though only 20 years in time length, has been a long one. I've come a long way and I've got a long way left to go.

My earliest chronologically accurate memory is making cinnamon rolls with my mom in the basement apartment. 

My little brother is far too tall.

I adore my husband, I think he's hilarious (hence the "things my husband says" sidebar) and I'm mostly convinced that he hung the moon.

I admire those who have gone before me, the Diamonds (and above) in Worldwide Dreambuilders. My fantastic mentor lady is much more ... temperate ... than I am. Even to me, she's like that summer breeze on the day with perfect temperatures, she promotes calmness everywhere she goes, and one day I will figure out her secret (lol). 

An exercise in Foreshadowing: This post reflects how my brain often works when I'm not specifically focused on something. I may have to get a plan after all

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