Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thank You, God

At our church, to help remind us of the reason for the Thanksgiving "season," they've had little commercials, people's voices saying to God what he is, and how thankful they are for him. So here's mine:

Thank you, God.
For always being big enough
For always being here
For always loving me
For choosing me at all.

Thank you, God.
For making me so valuable that nothing I do could ever make me more valuable
For always caring about what I'm going through
For always listening
For always forgiving.

Thank you, God.
You are my provider.
My peace,
My safety when I'm scared,
My boldness when I need to face what I'm scared of.

Thank you God.
You're my light and my way.
You encourage and enable me to fly
And you're my safety net in case I fall.
You're my comfort, and my shelter.

Thank you, God.
In the darkest of places,
In the hardest of times,
When I had no one else,
I've always had you.

Thank you God.
You take my hand and lead me
You hold me tight and reassure me
You tell me I'm beautiful
You give me purpose.

Thank you, God.
Everything good in my life,
All the people I love,
All the things that I have,
All the opportunities in front of me,
All of it comes from you.

Thank you, God.

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