Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st

As the new year begins we all find ourselves looking back over the one that disappeared so quickly and forward to the months yet to come at the same time. Or at least, we find ourselves attempting to. We all try to do the introspection thing, even if we only do it in the background noise of our minds while we're washing dishes or vacuuming or stuck in traffic. We ask ourselves questions like: Did I lose all the weight I wanted to this year? Did I get organized? Did I overcome my fear of social situations? Essentially all of these questions boil down to one: Did I succeed at making a difference, somehow?

For most people the answer is no. For most people, they look back on the year and see either stagnation or backward movement. For example, I gained 30 pounds (due to way too much overindulgence and way too little self discipline). I'm only slightly more organized than I was before, I didn't set any goals so I didn't really reach any, and I wasted a lot of time on TV.

This year is my year, though. As I've mentioned, I'm starting out the year with lots of stuff going right, and I'm determined that despite anything that goes wrong this year, I'm going to continue doing the things that matter to make things go right. For example, I'm developing self discipline this year and I'm going to get in shape (I will feel better if not completely satisfied when I no longer need time to catch my breath at the top of the stairs in someone's home). Organization definitely will become a forte of mine, my schedule will be booked up most of the time, and I will begin to really enjoy life instead of just watching it happen from the corners of rooms.

I love new beginnings.


  1. As a note, I will be making a meat loaf this week. And I will not be making any more bread. But I will be making cookies.

  2. You know already that I think you are capable of anything so I will not bore you with my own words of encouragement. I will simply say..well said and what kind of meatloaf? :)

  3. Uh...meatloaf meatloaf? With Jared being allergic to soy, the stuffing filler that the recipe recommended was out, as was tater tots, so we got frozen hash browns instead, not sure how it's going to work out. But we did find a soy free barbeque sauce.