Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dear Terrible Merger *(vent)*

I understand that you, in your shiny new Corvette, think that you are much more important than me. I understand that you think where you have to go is more important than where I have to go. I even understand that you may think you're impressing me with how loud your music is. However, none of that is a good excuse to completely ignore the rules of merging.

When there is a traffic backup at the point of merging, one car from each of the merging lanes goes at a time, so the two lanes nicely zipper into one. Trying to skip my turn just messes up the zipper. Aside from that, slowing when I slow to let you in despite your error simply doesn't make any sense. It makes even less sense for you to then speed up after I have sped up, and slow after I have decided to slow so that I don't hit you. Be thankful that the breaks on my little Prius work outstandingly and that the drivers behind us were giving us plenty of room. Otherwise, your pretty car would have been ruined, not to mention the serious injuries you'd probably have on your conscious because Priuses don't do too well in collisions.

So in the future, lousy driver, follow the rules of traffic. Not everyone pays as much attention as the smart drivers behind us today.

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