Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello, Sweetie

In case you didn't already know, today's post title is inspired by the amazing, fierce, beautiful, fictional woman of the week: River Song. Otherwise known as Melody Pond, famous for saying "Hello, Sweetie!" and "Spoilers." The Doctor's wife and the only one in all the universes so far besides The Doctor who knows his real name. She's stuck with him the longest, even though they were travelling in opposite directions on the timeline and she barely ever got to see him. She watched him die - in fact, she was the killer! But she couldn't help that bit, it was a subconscious suggestion that had been reinforced repeatedly throughout her entire life.

Anyway, River Song is my fictional woman of the week. She's strong and spunky and independent and dangerous and fun and oh so clever; and somehow never lets that get in the way of her total adoration for and trust in her beloved Doctor. She never loses faith in him, not even for a second, not even when she's the most frightened she's ever been, not even when she's staring her own death in the face. Fictional or not, I admire River Song. In fact, if I could choose a fictional character to become real and be my older sister, she'd probably be it. Amy Pond would be my twin. Hopefully identical, because then I'd get that beautiful red hair.

In other subjects:

> I've been asked to make something I've never made before. The person referred to it as a "turtle costume" for newborns, she wants to gift it to a friend of hers. The pattern looks simple enough, and I'm sure I could do it, I just need to figure out how much I would need to charge for it. Neat stuff, though.

Ironically enough, it's not anybody I've ever met in my entire life. Ever. Go figure, with all the people I've met, that the one person who would appreciate my ability to crochet and give me a challenging project to work on - that they'll actually pay me for - is an utter stranger. In any case I'm pretty excited, just have to figure out where I'm going to set my price.

> This week is my first full week working and boy, am I intimidated!

The job is actually pretty easy. Sit in the office and watch Dr Who until someone comes in, help the person with what they want, then sit back down and watch more Dr Who. The hard part is that most of the systems and protocols and whatnot are stuck inside my boss' head. My boss is on vacation. I did write a basic manual a few weeks ago, which he appreciated so much that he promptly forgot I had written it, printed it up, and handed it to me saying "I just found this on the computer, it looks pretty decent but I had completely forgotten about writing it. Look it over and tell me if you have any questions."

My answer was, "Just one question: What do you think of it? Did I do a good job, or is there something missing?"

> We're fasting this week, which I've decided to to an entirely separate post on, since my feelings and experiences on the subject thus far are so dratted complicated.

> Life, as of late, has been busy. I'm learning how to keep my house clean, learning how to not be so focused on the wrong things, learning how to live a normal life - well, sort of. We are, after all, very not normal. This month is turning out to be super busy, but that's pretty much the way I like it anyway.

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