Monday, June 17, 2013

When God Gets Involved

I had a crappy morning today, and I must admit it was pretty much all my fault. Really. I won't belabor the details but I've got some family stuff going on and some friend stuff going on and it was really getting to me! I was having a pity party, to be honest. I was crying and feeling sorry for myself (and trying to get my husband to feel sorry for me too) because I felt in those early morning hours that nothing was really going my way and nobody loves me. We give and give, I thought, and nobody cares.

I think we all have these moments, these poor me sessions. We look at one or two situations that have jumped up into our faces, or the unpleasant phone call or text message we had to wake up to, and we think: Gosh, life sucks. It doesn't matter if that's the reality of the situation, because it's our reality. And we're going to sit in it feeling sorry for ourselves, damn the consequences (or truth)!

So here I am, feeling crappy about myself and my life and everyone and everything, and my husband wants me to go with him on the days customer run. There were a couple of people who needed our attention for one reason or another and he wanted me with him. I almost said no. But something inside of me pointed out that I was probably better off going with him. After all, it wasn't like sitting at home in my pajamas was going to do any good. And in my attitude state at the time, I wasn't going to go anywhere without him.

Thanks, Holy Spirit.

So I got dressed and put on makeup and went with him. Grouchy.

Now, at the end of the day I look back and try to imagine what God was doing during my pity party. I bet he was sitting up there, looking at me like I'm some kind of fool. "Really, kiddo?" he says, "Nobody loves you? Nothing's going right in your life? Nobody cares? Oh really?" Then, I imagine him leaning back, pointing me in the right direction (going out with my husband instead of staying at home) and saying "Watch this."

So out we went. And the whole day turned around.

We had an awesome visit with my mentor, who advised me on some of the things going on and helped me reach a sense of peace about a couple of really negative situations in my life. Then he gave us one of the new flavor of energy drinks (THEY TASTE AMAZING!) that just launched a day or two ago. Strawberry goodness packed with extra b-vitamin energy, plus a blend of ingredients that helps you burn calories, all with no sugar or carbs or artificial flavorings. YUMMO!

As a side note, the can does actually look like this, minus the flames and flaming strawberries. Cool, right? I love it when a new product launches and getting to experience this one before we were very far into it's first week was pretty awesome. Plus, I had energy all day long even though I've had a massive energy-sapping cold for a day or two!

Then, a very dear friend of mine tells me that they've gotten new dishes and want to give away their old, very expensive ones that were a wedding present. Would I like them, she asks? Yes! So I now have new (to me) dishes that are gorgeous and high quality and have an excellent back story - way better than "They're just from Target, my husband had them when I moved in."

Which, by the way, is an answer to prayer. I've been wanting new dishes but I have very expensive tastes and I was wrestling with the conflict between my desire for new dishes that are actually ours and not just leftovers from before me, and the fact that dropping a lot of money on dishes wouldn't be very responsible right now unless we didn't have any dishes to eat off of.

Then, a project took longer than I thought it would and we ended up being late to another customer's home. We walked in and saw two plates of food on the table, and I felt so bad! We had interrupted their dinner! I started apologizing profusely for that and was about to offer that we could come back in 30 minutes. They just laughed. "We already ate," they said "This is your dinner!"

And boy, was it the best dinner I've had in a while! The guy's wife is from Germany and she made the most delicious schnitzel, plus mashed white and purple potatoes and roasted cauliflower. Then she gave us some beautiful organic berries for dessert. I was so stricken with gratitude that they'd thought of us, and the fact that we were having a longer day than anticipated, and decided to make extra dinner so we could have some.

God, not discouraged by my pity party, used today to show me just how loved and supported we really are. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

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  1. I'm glad it all turned out well for you hon. I know those days and they can suck big time if we don't get our feet under us and start moving. My mom always said when I would get into a funk, "Energy breeds energy." An excellent summation of newtons law :)